Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Regional Seminar Day Four

I was pretty tired this morning but once I got going all was well. My class with Lynn Payette is more active than my previous class. We spent the day making the background for our cricket (which is really a grasshopper). We fused and then cut and layered sheer fabrics onto canvas to create leaves coming out of water. Endless variations were possible from just a few fabrics you could layer one over another and depending on which was on top, you got very different effects. Or use two layers of the same fabric. Or some you could use the front or the back of the fabric. For a leaf with several colors, you could use different colors for each and then add a layer of one sheer over all. Or not. On some if you changed the direction of the fabric you got a totally different effect.

So we were up and down between our work stations, the ironing board and many demonstrations.

After dinner tonight we had "Merchandise Night." Local shops, groups, and teachers set up tables to sell their wares. I did my part to support the local economy. 'Nuff said.

It's late and I'm very tired. We had so many choices to make in our class today! It was very engaging and most of us had to be prodded to take breaks or leave for meals. I love this stuff. But now I'm feeling it and I'm off to bed.

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