Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am sooo excited!

Not only do I have my very own copy of Diana Gabaldon's long awaited newest book, I have a ticket. Yep, I'm #155 for next week's reading/book signing organized by Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, IL. (A place well worth visiting, and supporting as one of very few remaining vibrant independent bookshops around any more.)

It's the last thing I did on my way home from my day out with my sister on Thursday (thanks to my BIL for great directions from their house to Naperville). The event will be at North Central College and I expect I'll be driving frantically in rush hour traffic next Wednesday to get there, my book in hand. I expect Diana's hand will be cramping by the time my number is up, but hopefully she'll persevere. This is gonna be fun! I'm definitely doing a happy dance.

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terryb said...

Please, have a good look around while you are at the college campus. It's my alma mater, though with all of the changes since I was there I probably wouldn't recognize it. (My last home on campus was Rall Hall, which was brand new at the time.) And as much as the campus has changed, the town has changed even more. Way back when, it was a bustling little community of 30,000. Enjoy your visit.