Monday, November 22, 2010

not much going on

Winter's settling in. It's storming against my window right now.

We saw the new Harry Potter movie this weekend. Now we can't wait for the final movie. I need that ending. (I found the final book to be difficult, it was full of frustration and anger as the situation developed. I also found the end quite satisfying. This movie covers the difficult half of the book--the part I found hard to read. We did find this movie to be better than the previous two with more detail. I think it is quite well done.)

I spent some time working along on ongoing projects--a few rows on the cranberry alpaca cable knit scarf, I'm back on track with the second round washcloth and have it beyond the half-way point, I worked some on the crewel needlebook. Nothing new going on, although it's very tempting.

I did get a good dose of inspiration and holiday cheer today from the e-zines blogged about by Zakka Life, here. Check it out!

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