Thursday, February 23, 2012

good changes

After a fairly stressed out fall and winter, things are looking up.  This is me the day before I moved out of my old office of many years, into a group suite. New space, new boss, new institute with lots of new things to do. 

I spent a lot of the winter feeling like I was being blocked, devalued, and kept in the dark. I knew  changes were coming, but was unable to find out what was going to be happening. Things I needed to do my job were suddenly being kept from me. It was extremely frustrating and led to panic and anxiety of epic proportions. Exhaustion overwhelmed me.

Things are looking up, however. The new boss is wonderful. Everything one could want in a boss and coworker. The new office space is an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. I was prepared to tolerate it, but I am liking it. And even though my workload is still much heavier than it had been, my job this week has been very interesting, thought provoking and fun.

My inspirational photo was taken, unexpectedly, by a wonderful professional photographer, Lloyd Degrane, who just happened by to chat that day between photo opportunities with a visiting justice. It was a very lucky happenstance for me! The only way he was able to get any light on my face was for me to look up and to the left.  Then he got me giggling. I really like it. 

They didn't kept records of where fellows sat, we have a lot of them, but to the best guess of everyone who was here at the time, my former office was used by our current President when he was first here. I didn't know this for much of my tenure in the space, but after 2008 I got to meet a lot of interesting people because of that sign.

I haven't been stitching. I haven't been taking photos. And I haven't been going anywhere on the weekends.  But I do have some things to share and I will take some photos this weekend and, hopefully, be back in action next week.


Pat Winter said...

Marjorie, you look so that picture. I am so happy for you and your new change. I can imagine the hole you felt lost in previously. New year...New life changes! Go Marjorie!!!

marymac said...

Good for you marjorie. You do look Happy. I am glad your in a better space.

terryb said...

Glad to hear the work situation is looking up--like you in your great new photo! (The wordplay kind of happened accidentally.)

Alex said...

What a fabuous photo of you! So pleased things have changed so much for the better at work for you.
I've left you an award on my blog. Hope you like it!