Friday, November 9, 2012

Very Quiet

I've had a second week of very little stitching. I was running around a bit (Needle Artisan's EGA chapter meeting, for one).  I was really tired last weekend and just vegged out.  I think I was recuperating from vacation, low key as it was.  And I've been watching TV.  We've gotten hooked on some European mysteries at MHZ Network. And they all have subtitles, so I'm actually watching the TV much more of the time. (it may be on but I rarely look at the screen--I'm watching my hands.)
This week it's been Detective Montalbano every night. Last week it was Young Montalbano (really good, especially if you've watched the other). Before that it was Fog and Crimes with Detective Sonari. We've watched one or two of the shows (plus Maigret), but they've been running "best of" specials for the last few weeks and I realized last night that I've been actually watching the TV far too much.  I'll be back once this is out of my system.  (Or I learn enough Italian to just listen...I do better with the French of Maigret.)

I did finsh the knit tea cozy: I'll be showing that after the holidays. I'm pleased with it.


Jenny Woolf said...

I don't know this character but the sea in the background looks beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and son love Inspector Montalbano! Very popular over here too.