Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A bit of Japanese embroidery

Last Thursday was our monthly meeting in Hyde Park. I was the only one to make an appearance. I decided to take advantage of the quiet time and I set up and stitched for an hour or so.  I had two loose gold strands I wanted to couch.  I thought working with gold on koma was hard! We had taken these strands off the koma, with enough to finish the row and sink the threads, so that I could finish the circle at the end using the koma. 

I did what I intended and then took some photos. 
Here's my working setup, showing my new dedicated goldwork scissors, a gift from Rosa.  Gold threads can damage scissors and I knew I should have a dedicated pair, so I was thrilled to get these.  The two folded papers were how I protected and controlled the loose gold strands as I worked. I kept them folded inside. 
 I took a closeup of this leaf because, while I plan to take it out--it's too thick and fuzzy from wear, I like the way I stitched it. So now I have a guide for stitch and color placement when I redo it.
This is my workbox, packed ready to leave (except I have to fit in the clamps, used to hold the frame on the stand). 
I took a bunch of other photos, just to enjoy.
The new camera does better closeups. Here you can see how my couching stitches are totally not bricked like they should be.

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Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeous to my eyes! :o)