Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Spirit

 Last weekend was full of holiday spirit!  I was stitching these Bargello stockings: Star in the Meadow by Patricia Mazu, an ANG web special project from a while back. Stitched in luscious silks.  I should have time to finish it soon--I've gotten the fabrics out and ready to go.
Clown tree by local organization
 On Saturday we went to the nearby Indiana Welcome Center in Highland. They have a special Christmas Story exhibit. It was INSANE!

Saturday was a special day with a food vendor (smelled great!), rides for kids around the parking lot in a special Santa train, a replica of the visit to Santa from the Christmas Story movie, where the kids climbed up to see Santa and then slid down on a slide.  There were projects for the kids to make and Movies and events in the theater. Long lines snaking everywhere. Oh, and the display windows from Christmas Story from Fields/Macys. 
Lithuanian tree
It was full of great spirit and we enjoyed looking at the tree displays that were throughout the center. 
Polish tree
 If you'd prefer fewer people, I'd suggest going on a weekday. I didn't mind the crowds, but we didn't stay long, either.  Everyone was in good spirits and well behaved.  Although there a few screamers when they were placed on Santa's lap for the required photos. 
Antique toys from a local shop
 After the Welcome Center we drove over to Munster, to the Center for Visual and Performing Arts.  Once again full of happy kids--a children's play had just let out and we peeked in at small ones posing for pictures with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eyore and the rest.  

The lobby was filled with trees decorated by local groups and businesses, much like the ones at the Welcome Center.  After viewing in the trees, we went into the main gallery and viewed a special exhibit of the art of here and here for examples.

It was a thought provoking exhibit. A bit sad--I think her life was not happy.  Intense and interesting. The works on display were not originals--her husband's will prohibited them leaving Mexico.  The copies were carefully made to match color, materials, technique, and spirit. The artwork is complemented by replicas of her clothing and jewelry.  I'm glad we went.
 I went back home to work on more stockings. Another needlepoint, changing the order of the colors.
And I've stitched two more "One More Stitch" stockings from Just Cross Stitch's ornament issue.  They're with the backing and lining fabrics, ready to be finished.  

I'm on a stocking kick this year, it seems. 

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