Friday, May 2, 2008

more quilt show goodies

I finally got a new usb drive yesterday but my home computer does not like it at all. Which makes it useless for me. I did get some photographs today--very early in the few moments we had some sun before huge storms hit. I'll try to get some up later.

For now, here's the last of the goodies I got at the quilt show. I found the booth of Helen Gibb and her lovely ribbonwork flowers. They are so lovely and delicate. I noticed that Pat Winter of Gatherings found the same booth on her visit. (see here) Helen was delightful and I got a lot of goodies at her booth.

I got a beginners kit with her book, "Ribbonwork: A Complete Guide," a companion dvd, and a lovely zippered case with ribbons galore along with all of the materials called for in her book and the dvd. I had my choice of ribbon colors and that was tough! Behind the ribbons are the stamens, backing material, needles--a ready to go kit!

I also got a kit for a brooch, which I should be able to make once I practice a bit with the materials in my set.

I also got some odds and ends of ribbons, that I didn't get scanned.

Each year I visit the quilt show I come away inspired and full of new ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I like that ribbon work book! Looks neat!