Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend was a good one. We had lovely weather, not too hot. And I accomplished a lot. I got some chores done, my pots planted, and the laundry's caught up. I did some sorting and worked on projects left over from April.

In early April I spent a day at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. I took two classes and haven't finished either project. I had been gathering things to add to my painted cloth from Judy Coates Perez. I'm much happier with the piece now, even though my additions are pretty subtle.

In looking at Judy's work I realized I'd fallen into the trap of "preciousness" (not just with this piece but with other things, too). "I've worked hard on this fabric so it's precious and should be used whole." But what on earth would I do with it? We don't use pillows and it's painted and feels like plastic--and I don't think it would stand up as a tote bag.

I noticed Judy cuts her fabric up and uses it--as fabric and not as a piece of art (and hers ARE pieces of art!). So, I'm determined to find something to make from this. Judy was making little bird houses with metal trim. I like the metal trim but don't think I want to do a birdhouse. Perhaps a box or a book cover. So I'm still thinking on this one...but pleased with my progress.

I also took a collaged pin-making class from Grinnell Fiber Works. I absolutely hated my original design and ended up ripping it up and making something from it that I'm now happy with. I reused bits from my first design but only used about half of the materials I had before. We painted and stenciled lutradur, worked with Angelina fibers, Fast-to-Fuse and Miyuki beads. It was a good class and I learned a lot and I'm fairly happy with the pin now. It's a little fragile for my tastes (whatever I wear needs to stand up to purse and backpack straps) but I'll find a place to wear it, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I can understand you not wanting to cut up fabric you painted. sometimes i have trouble cutting up commercial fabric I like!
also thansk for showing us the Molly bang book

Jane said...

What did you do to your painted fabric? I can't tell from the picture. I think a journal cover, or some other book cover would be a fantastic use for that fabric/artwork!

Thank you for the recommendation to get a bobbin winder... I took your advice, but it was attached to a new machine!