Friday, June 27, 2008

Not much to say

This week's been long days at work with little time to play. I've gotten some focus back and have been stitching a little bit each day on my embroidery for June's TIF project. It's slow going (fine threads) but is coming along.

I'm also thinking more about the back of the page, where I plan to collage some stash. I had a thought that I might tack the pieces on, to let them be removed and used for other purposes as time goes by. But I'm not sure of that. On the one hand it would illustrate the changing stories the stash can tell. On the other, I'm back to the "precious" attitude where I don't want to commit any parts of the precious stash to one purpose.

My Joggles class began today. (Studio Journals with Sharon B) I have most things but lack the all important journal itself. I haven't had a chance to get out shopping. I'm not one to dive right in--I'll read the lesson I got today and stop into the forum if I get a chance and probably let it swirl around in my head this weekend. And maybe I'll get out shopping.

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Jane said...

Hi, I'm glad you got some help.
How big a journal do you need? I still have the one we made in HEG, never marked it... it's too precious! LOL