Friday, April 10, 2009

Catching Up

This has been a busy week and I'm finally getting some time to catch up. Last weekend we went to the Spring Antique Show at Arlington Park Race Track north of the city. It was a wonderful show, very high end--things I never normally see.

We went this time because a good friend of ours is opening a new business and this was the debut. Antiques of Choice had a lovely display of antiques, with a focus on Oriental pieces. He had a couple of textiles, a small prayer rug and a lovely Victorian era chenille embroidery panel. If you're into nice antiques, please swing by the website and take a look.

Back in the 70s we used to go to this show with my husband's family. The show was high-end and we got quite an education in antiques at each show. Then the racetrack burned down and stayed closed for many years and, as far as I know, there was no show.

The racetrack was rebuilt a while ago and while we've visited for a day of racing, we were out of the habit of going to the antique show, which was revived. While the show is smaller than in the past, the very high quality and unique antique merchandise are still at the forefront. I found some amazing needlework tools to drool over. There was everything from simple thimbles to elaborate chatelaines. I'm still sighing over a Victorian era tambour set with an ivory handle and different sized tambour hooks that screwed in to it, all in a lovely sectioned container. I really like nanny pins (small brooches, usually with goldstone decoration, that hold needle and thread for immediate repair of clothing) and found several, including one with an unusual design. There were figurative needlecases, tape measures, bodkins, thread winders. I saw a large group of Tartanware sewing accessories. I had a very good time, especially when I found a dealer who just loved her pieces and was pleased to show them off, even knowing I wouldn't be purchasing anything. We had a lovely visit!

The fall show will be October 16-18.

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