Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter, a bit late

We had a lovely, quiet Easter. I hope you did, too. I stayed home and stitched and did weekend chores (minimal) and made an Easter pizza.

I tried coloring some muslin I had handy in the Easter egg dye. The dip and tie dyed cloth pieces came out beautiful until I rinsed them to remove the vinegar. The blues and greens were all fugitive. The tie-dye below was originally bright blue and purple. I think the pink could grow on me, though. (muslin folded and wrapped with twisty-ties and rubber bands before dipping into leftover Paas Easter egg dyes)
My dyeing was very, very casual. I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that the muslin was washed. I probably should have pressed them with a hot iron before rinsing but I couldn't stand the vinegar smell from the dyes. Much more interesting was the rag I've been using when I painted or stenciled in my journal. When I was pressing my pink muslin, I gave this one a press, too. I think I'll retire it to use as a background for something and start a new "paint rag" for the journal. (acrylic paints, stencil paints, medium and gesso on muslin)


Anonymous said...

It amazes me where you find projects to try...I love it...and the results are always amazing!

Jenny Woolf said...

Did you make the Easter eggs too? They're so pretty!