Thursday, May 14, 2009

A bit of headway

I finally got some more stitching done--that I don't plan to rip out--on the quilt sampler piece. I still have been ripping about as much as stitching!

The upper left-hand corner is done and I've settled on what to do with the center. The rest of the stitching will be done in the yellow as a background to the flower. I think it will add brightness to the center. I have some ideas for the lower right-hand corner, too.

Now I'm looking at the designs and wondering if I should backstitch them. I think it would change them a lot--I'm not sure whether it would improve them, though. I think I'll begin by backstitching around the outside of each square, perhaps in a dark brown, and then see what I think.

Thanks to Jane of World Embroideries, I have a finished project to show. She taught biscornu finishing at our guild meeting on Monday and that spurred me to dig out a pieced biscornu I'd begun but never completed. It's done now and I even found a painted glass button that matched perfectly. (The other side has a very nice orange-yellow Bakelite or early plastic button--a photo is on Flickr.) I really love these bright fabrics. (Moda)

Also at the meeting on Monday, we were given our summer challenge project. This year it is to create a geometric design to fit into the 6" square trivet we were given. I really enjoy these summer challenges which have varied from "stitch what makes you happy" to "finish up UFOs." Last year we were given a chart that had no key--the color choice was up to us.

I came home and got out the graph paper and began jotting notes. Looking at it later, I noticed that most everything I noted was based on what I'd been doing most recently--Sashiko (the quilt show t-shirt), pulled thread (the Hardanger project), quilt pattern (mom's sampler).

My first thought was cut paper designs. I know that particular concept came from Sharon B's class on studio workbooks. I envision some sort of 1950s squarish Os in various sizes. I didn't have any colored paper handy so that idea hasn't been recorded yet.

What would you do?

I'm getting ready to go on a holiday. A friend and I are going to drive to upper New York State to visit another very good friend, Susan, that I've missed terribly since she moved east. Road Trip! I can't wait...

I hope to post while I'm gone--probably with very little needlework content, but hopefully with some nice landscape and nature photos and perhaps photos of some of the great food I'm looking forward to!


Lelia said...

Hi Marjorie -- I commented in the Flikr album : )

Anonymous said...

Have a super trip. Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Love your biscornu. Made one but still haven't put it together. Like the colors in your sampler. And the challenge really looks like fun. Drive safe and enjoy the time away.