Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quieter day in Hudson--some needlework content

We had a late night on Tuesday and got a late start on Wednesday. We lunched again at Cascades and then went back to Susan's house to just visit and explore. She's getting her studio set up and I grabbed a couple of random snaps of some bead shelves and a row of samplers.

I found these skeins of LaLame and had to take a photo. This is an truly vintage thread and it is no longer made (in fact, the equipment that made it has been destroyed). It's stiffer and more metallic looking than Kreinik metallics. Susan purchased the last remaining stock from the manufacturer and is selling it in twisted hanks. She has a number of fibers that she finds or creates and sells.

I love to visit and look at all the goodies. The problem is, I want to take it all home with me! It's a great place for ideas--her studio will be a really inspirational place for stitchers.

We perused her book collection, pawed through drawers of ribbons and oohhed and ahhed antique samplers, linens, and other textile items in her collection.

Once her studio is unpacked and open, it will be amazing.

This last is a photo of the place where I purchased my lovely tote and socks on Monday. We went back by it today so I could grab a picture of Count Turkoffsky's Department Store!

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