Friday, December 11, 2009

Odds and ends

This is my first holiday gift of the season. I missed the Christmas party with my EGA chapter last week because of my cold. Before I headed home from work that night, I gave a friend who was going my presents to share and she gave hers to me. I love morning glories, so this is perfect! She lined the tin, too, so it will make a nice storage box for needlework tools.

She accompanied this with tasty treats: spicy-sweet almonds and candy coated pretzel sticks. I've been noshing on both and enjoying them. Over the past couple of weeks, my carry-along project was knit washcloths. The first one is square. The second is more of an oblong. I started out to make a hexagon but then began thinking about an oblong for back scrubbing so I made it as long as I could before running out of yarn.

I'm on a roll with these washcloths. My mom used to knit them endlessly and I can see why. I finished four rows while waiting during the mammogram process earlier this week. It kind of feels like something from nothing.


Paula Hewitt said...

Hi Marjorie
i have been reading, but very lax with commenting, sorry.
i enjoy crocheting washcloths and dishcloths - there is something to be said for actually finishing something occasionally.
something about your post struck me though - you only finished four rows while waiting for a mammogram?? either you are a very slow knitter OR the US system is way better than ours - last time I had a mammogram I could have knitted a sweater in the time I waited... btw - i hope it was just the routine checkup type of thing.

terryb said...

I didn't even have a chance to open my book when I went for my mammogram last Friday. My appointment was at noon and I was done by 12:15 and that included an explanation of how the mammograms are compared from year-to-year. It was my first digital mammogram. Kind of cool to be able to see it immediately. Of course, it didn't mean anything, because I wasn't seeing the comparisons. (I have received the results--I'm good. The colonoscopy was good too, although they removed one polyp and I am recommended to repeat in three years.)