Thursday, December 31, 2009

One-Word Resolution for 2010

In terms of my word of the year for 2009, Move, it was a dismal failure. I did notice that during 2009 the word from 2008, Focus, was more in mind, so perhaps Move will carry over and I will improve in motivating myself to getting off my duff more often. I’ve been contemplating resolution words for the coming year.

My word for 2010 will be Choose: what we choose is who we are. Who we choose to spend our time with. What we choose to do with our time. What we choose to eat. How we choose to treat our bodies. In the Monthly Aspectarian's Astro-weather report, a common warning is to make good choices. In 2010, I need to move beyond habit and ruts and view everything I do as an opportunity for making better choices. I want to think carefully about each choice I make.

I like the dictionary definition, in particular the etymology that relate it to tasting and enjoying (Merriam-Webster online edition).

Inflected Form(s): chose \ ch z\; cho·sen \ ch z n\; or obs chose; choosing; chooses
Etymology: Middle English chesen, chosen, chusen, from Old English c osan; akin to Old High German kiosan to choose, Old Norse kj sa, Gothic kiusan to choose, test, Latin gustare to taste, enjoy, Greek geuesthai to taste, Sanskrit jusate he enjoys, tastes, loves

transitive verb
1 a : to select (as one thing over another) especially with free will and by exercise of judgment b : to decide upon especially by vote : ELECT
2 a : to consider or assume as fitting, proper, or advantageous especially from personal preference b : to be inclined to (as by arbitrary decision or personal preference) -- often used with the infinitive
3 now dialect : to wish to have : WANT

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Jenny Woolf said...

I like the idea of having one word resolutions. I never heard of it before but it is really good. CHOOSE sounds pretty good, but for me, MOVE is better this year. I was sitting on my butt far too much trying to get this book done.