Saturday, January 16, 2010


My recent foray into hemstitching had me digging out my books to refresh my memory. I included photos of the two I used in the hemstitch tutorial. I also explored some others. Here are two of them--I was sure the hemstitching refresher I needed would be in them--but it wasn't!
This book is from the 50s and assumes you know a lot. A whole lot. It's why it was on the shelf. I do love the section on plain sewing and every time I look at the book I think about doing a plain sewing sampler, with hems and edgings and buttonholes. The book also has some great designs and ideas. And I may have solved a mystery. I showed this embroidered waterlily before. It was a holiday gift. I thought it might be a coaster. Why I thought that was probably from the Anchor book. This is a "liquor set" and there were several in the book. All were stitched on thin, sheer materials and were more fancy than practical for soaking up drips or condensation. But they seem very much like the waterlily.
I've had this book of Italian whitework for a while. It's spectacular with lovely designs. What amazes me most is that these elaborately stitched designs seem to be (I can't read the text at all) party favors for weddings, anniversaries, showers, etc. There are delicate sachets, little bags for small gifts, and sweet cutwork cloths to decorate trays with candies on your table. They are amazing but I can't imagine making more than one, much less the number that would be needed for a party!

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terryb said...

You have the best books! It never occurred to me that I should be shopping the bookshelves of France and Italy--as if I don't get myself into enough trouble right here at home!

Incidentally, the word verification for me was "botation"--sounds like something Ron and I do in the summer at the marina. We're planning several weekend "botations" this year.