Saturday, January 9, 2010

A couple of cool things..

have come to my attention recently.Check out Fraser Smith, a guy who makes these absolutely incredible (hard-to-believe it) wooden quilts (and also wooden clothing).

There's a Slow Cloth group over on Facebook that is having an absolutely wonderful conversation. I found it via Jude's Spirit Cloth blog. I spent way too much time browsing the blogs of the people joining in the conversation. Jude kindly included links to most of them on her blog. Loads of inspiration. The first issue of Needle. I haven't spent as much time here as I would have liked, yet, but have it bookmarked. The online magazine is slow to load but it is full of very interesting articles: artist profiles, the textiles at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, African needleworkers, a couple of projects.... I love the star. It's put out by HEN--the hand embroidery network. I really like that name! Here's a link to their site. This is where I got some of my twill tape for the chatelaine. Great service and interesting products to browse. I love twill tape for apron strings, totebag handles. To me it has a nice antique look and feel.

Oh, and Hedgehog Handworks is having a sale--15% off everything through January.

That should keep you busy if you're snowed in this weekend. enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the new magazine and the needlework group. Haven't heard of it. thanks. It's very interesting.
Love your hardanger piece. Seems like you are really cleaning up all of those old projects. Congratulations...a good start for a new year, although I know you did a lot of it already last year.
Love your new blog.