Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doll robe and nightgown

This is what I've been doing lately. It's finally finished and passed on. As usual with this kind of thing, it always takes longer than I expect.

This doll robe and nightgown fit an 18" doll and will be part of an opportunity drawing to be held at our guild show in October.The gown uses fabric and trim I purchased way back when my nieces were little and I intended to make doll clothes for them. It never happened. (I did make them dress up boxes for themselves with tutus and fairy crowns and boas so I hope I got aunt credit for that.)The green flannel was a remnant I found just a few weeks ago and bought to use for something else. It was just enough fabric for the robe (and that something else was very vague and unplanned).


Kelly said...

So Cute! A little girl will be lucky to get this gift.

Jenny said...

How sweet! I love miniature clothes. Apparently apprentices used to make them sometimes, I saw on in Guildford museum recently, a perfect little man's shirt which would have fitted a man about 18 inches high!