Friday, September 3, 2010


I've been feeling somewhat out of sorts lately--I'm very much ready to get back to projects I want to be doing, rather than things I feel I should be doing. This was reinforced by the peace of Japanese embroidery yesterday morning on our "First Thursday" meeting. It was exactly what I needed.Here is a pile of assembled needlebooks for the Needle Artisans' show in October. They're still chained here. They've since been cut apart and neatly stacked. I adapted a portion of a design from Maritroshka Biscornu for the design and have printed patterns. I have packages of needles and need to get threads cut and these kits will be ready. Still to do--the embroidery needlebooks which will be felt.I've begun working on a challenge project for my other guild, Homewood. I've been inspired by these books (thanks to World Embroideries for bringing them to my attention).They were a birthday present to myself, as part of the endless birthday in August.
The books came from This and That from Japan on Etsy. I could spend hours browsing her books.


Lelia said...

you will have perle & needles on Tuesday. If you need them quicker, I could probably drive them to your home this week-end. let me knwo!!!!

Also have CQ projects assembled.

Plan to get bookmark done, too.

Hannah said...

aunt marj,

if you ever want any of these books from japan, let me know! i love browsing through them, so i know where they are in the store. and they're a little bit cheaper if i buy them for you!

and maybe soon, i'll upload some more pics!