Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Odds and Ends, mostly about food

Sonia's smile says it all... I met with her and two other friends, Liz and Ruoke at Lao Sze Chuan for Hot Pot Monday night. Sonia is queen of the noodles here.We got the split dish, with both hot and mild broth. We haven't gotten underway yet--can you tell Liz is excited? The table was piled high with things to cook in the broth. Then the noodles go in at the end. They were quite a challenge to remove from the hot broth with chopsticks!Ruoke ordered for us and showed us how to manage cooking the food. It was yummy and a very nice, relaxed way to dine. A nice break as we approach paper deadlines and exams.A couple of weeks ago I posted about my new tool. I tried it out this past weekend. These are trials. They're not quite even or centered. I also was experimenting with hand embroidery--the bookmark is a free project from the ruler designer and is designed for machine embroidery. Hand stitching is challenging. At some points you're going through six layers of fabric and two of fusible innerfacing (I used Mistyfuse which is easier to stitch by hand than most).This is quite belated. My niece in Japan sent me (at my request should she ever see it) kits to make felt food. I've done this before to make a layer-cake box but these are better--they're Japanese pastries. I really like Japanese pastries and don't get them often so it'll be a treat to have felt reminders around. They're made to be magnets. Thanks, kiddo! I'm gonna have fun making these.

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