Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crewel Friday--lesson 1 done!

By the time you read this my lesson one materials will be on their way to the EGA Individual Correspondence Course in Crewel instructor, Judy Jeroy. I took the whole estimated course time to do this one lesson! I need to move quicker and think I can now--I spent a lot of time reading and planning before beginning any stitching. Here is the pocket sampler all stretched and nice. It does make a huge difference (and it stayed that nice, even when I undid the lacing and removed it from the frame). Check out the crumpled photo from last week here. The band sampler below will be included in the package along with the notebook of materials I've gathered and a letter. I have a long way to go, even while my samplers are under review and I can't add to them... I've decided I want to do a sampler of leaf stitches, perhaps on plain oval () leaves, using some of the older books I have. I need to work on my paper. I've gotten a list of threads I don't have for the final sampler. I need to order them and I can get going on that--trace the design and begin working in some areas. I've already taken two EGA Group Correspondence Courses with Judy Jeroy so I feel fairly competent and confident.

In some ways I took the class for "permission" to play and take the time to really focus on this one thing (well as much as I ever focus on anything). (So sorry, I can't cook dinner tonight, I have to finish this book for my class.) And, yes, I get the convoluted thinking that goes into needing permission to do what one wants. For me, it works and I'll go with that-- the commitment and money involved are something I can hold on to when other projects, tasks, ideas and people are pulling at me.


Rachel said...

Yes, doing a course - or wanting to blog about something - are both good ways to ensure that you spend time on something you enjoy!

I hope your tutor offers some helpful comments..

terryb said...

Good for you. An ICC is on my "I should do that" list, along with a multitude of other things. I just can't decide which classes. There are a few that appeal to me. Maybe I'll find (or make) the time, someday.