Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finished Objects!

I've recently been doing some cleaning and I came across these forgotten beaded beads. I plan to get some white rattail cord to make a necklace from the pink bead. The other two faces were intended to become angels.So, I scrounged about a bit in the stash and came up with materials and made up the tassel angels this weekend. The halos and wings are glittery felt. The bodies are perle cotton, wool yarn, ribbon, metallic threads and some silk threads.A friend is graduating at the end of this week so I made her a bright beaded bracelet. It's posing on top of the start of my knit to felt tote. My hands are still painful so I'm pretty much limiting how much I work on it but I still am seeing a bit of progress each day--it's on size 11 needles so even one row shows. And it's an easy project to pick it up and knit one row and not be lost when picking it up next time.Here's a close up of the bracelet.

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Karol said...

The angels were very cute!