Monday, November 21, 2011

I think I got it...

I recentlyposted my struggles with trying to remember how to do the above crochet sample (darker blue). I'd be okay at first and then it would go off track. Last week I brought the sample and wonky trial to our weekly lunch-time knit and crochet gathering and one of the other participants said she had the exact same trouble with "star" stitch. Aha! a name! 
A brief Google and I found a two-part tutorial on star stitch (Part 1) by Crochet Geek. Written instructions are here.  So I watched the videos, took some notes, saw some places I was going wrong and went home and made the above sample.  By this time I'd stitched and ripped this end of the yarn many many times so I just cut it off when the two rows were done and straight.
And I began a star-stitch scarf.  So far it's almost straight. This is not a holiday gift so no rush.

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underatopazsky said...

I really like the effect of the stitch. Thanks for the link. :o)