Friday, November 18, 2011

wooly things

In the odd monents when I'm not working on gifts I'm fiddling around with some knitting and crochet. The royal blue crochet sample above was a stitch taught to me by my niece (the sample is upside down, with the bottom at the top). Then I let a few weeks go by after getting home before trying it again, so of course I can't remember all of the steps.  It's a two row repeat. I can do one repeat and it looks okay, but subsequent rows get wider, have more "flowers" and just don't behave.

 Every once in a while I rip out the turquoise sample and start over and try it again. Since I made the sample photographed here, I've tried four or five times and it's gotten better but still, after one repeat it all goes wonky.  If I can get it to work, I think it'll be a scarf. For now, I'm enjoying playing.
This is another preemie cap, this time the smallest size for the teeniest baby.  Since I now have a big one (full-term size) and this tiny one, I've begun a third, midsized hat.  They go quickly.

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