Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some lovely gifts

I'm sorry things are so dull here lately. I feel that work has eaten up my life.  I've done an odd bit of stitching here and there, but not much at all.  Last week, on the perfect day when I really needed a boost, I received a late Christmas gift. It was very welcome!  It included an abundance of chocolate, which I've been using for motivation on late nights at work.
And also some chocolate scented thread!
I haven't seen this year in the U.S. yet, but DMC has a line of scented floss in the U.K. Above is chocolate and below is a kit that includes vanilla.
I was intrigued and began stitching the kit last weeknd. As I stitched with the cream-colored floss, I did get a mild scent of vanilla the entire time. It didn't bother my allergies at all and is very pleasant.  The scent is more apparent when stitching than in the skein. 
This book was also in the box of goodies. It's from the 1930s (if I remember correctly) and has lots of interesting projects and crafts from candy making (including a simple fondant recipe for "the little ones") to how to weave chair seats from rope.  A recipe for making your own gesso paste sounds like great fun--but I suspect I may have trouble finding French glue and "best" whiting.
This page illustrates leatherwork projects.
And this one an embroidery sampler (opposite a discussion on perspective drawing).
"Reggie" (for Regency Guy) came to live with us a while back.  We never realized how lonely he was until Jane appeared (yep, for Jane Austen, I'm not terribly creative).  I love the jaunty feather in her hat and her shawl.  Their faces make it clear they were made by the same person. They're now quite happy together.
This glorious "scrap" of fine lacis (a needlelace stitched on a netting grid) was the wrapping for Jane to keep her safe during shipping. It is gorgeous. The lacis and the post today on the  "Ivory Blush Roses" blog has me really inspired to work with whites. 

Plays with Needles isn't going white but her silvery winter neutral palette is very appealing, too.


Rachel said...

I don't think "French glue" rings any bells, but "whiting" may be some sort of chalk, perhaps?

terryb said...

Thanks for the reference to Ivory Blush Roses. It was a wonderful post, and I'm looking forward to exploring her site further when I have more time. Plays With Needles has also been a treat. I followed the Holly Golightly block and her trip to Paris. She is really creative and talented, both as a stitcher and a photographer. Very enjoyable.

Kathy said...

French glue is an animal hide glue and you can get iit in dry form from from art conservation sites and probably high-end art/paint suppliers
Whiting, as Rachel said, is ground chalk. You can sometimes fine pure calcium carbonate in DIY hardware stores or sheet metal working shops.
I think I'd just buy a bottle of gesso from the paint aisle at Micheals!
I think I'm going to beg my European friends to be on the lookout for some of that scented thread. It sounds like it would be fun to work with.