Friday, April 20, 2012


Sad to say, this blog may go away. The new Blogger format will not work with my browser and since I use an office computer after hours for this, I don't have choice in that. The new interface is all focused on stats and ads and I'm not interested in either.  I'll give it a week or so to see how I feel and figure out the browser thing.  I know that I always absolutely hate every new change (and why do they have to keep changing it all, anyway?) and I ultimately get used to it (but almost never think it's an improvement).

Dealling with Blogger's nonsense has kept me from posting for the last few days.  Well, that and work. Work is taking all of my time and energy right now. I'm not stitching, reading or much of anything.
Last weekend I did begin my first lace shawl. It begins at the back of the neck and then expands out into a semicircle of lace. This bit is about 6" across--tiny yet. Once it get much larger it will become bunched up on the needles and just look like a tangle of yarn.  As I was knitting this, I realized what a leap of faith it is. You have no idea what it will look like until it's done and blocked. You just have to trust the pattern and your skill. 

The little back rings are markers for the pattern repeats. I'm going to need a lot more of them before I'm done.

The thin white line through the knitting by the needles is a "life line."  It's a line of thread stitched through the stitches on a row where I know it's correct. This way if I make a mistake in the next few rows, I only have to rip back to this point and my stitches will be held by the line for me to try again.  I'm going to be using a lot more of them, too. 


Miss Holly said...

Oh...I hope you hang in....I have always enjoyed visiting your site...I understand is frustrating when you've got it all figured out and then changes...your shawl is a beautiful pattern...can not wait to see it done!! Take a little breather and come back!!!

Kathy said...

I'm not thrilled with the new Blogger interface, either.
I hope you can maneuver past all the dreck and keep posting, though. I enjoy seeing your work.

Jenny Woolf said...

I thought the shawl was a fan at first, and I was trying to figure out how a fan of lace would work :) I think they did make them in the olden days, but with a strong framework!
I too have found the Blogger format awful but if you go to "Design" and then click the tool icon, there is an option to return to the old Blogger interface. I have done that, and so far it's stcking. There's the chance they might remove it in the end, but so far so good.... I know a few people who have changed back. I found that many links on the new interface just don't work when I use them on my iphone and it made the blog an awful chore.