Thursday, April 26, 2012

A finish and progress!

The broiderie perse ring bearer pillow was in a time out for a couple of weeks while I decided exactly how to finish it. Once I got it straight in my head, it went together in an evening.I added a purchased woven piping around three sides to help hold the shape and stabilize it.
I stitched it by hand so it's reversible to make it into a larger sofa pillow later on. The front is above, with a ribbon to hold the rings.  The back is below with a "tail" for the ringbearer to hold on to.
I got some knitting time in early on Saturday and finished the first lace pattern on the shawl. It's still small enough to see.
I stretched it out a bit here to show the pattern. On the last row I knit, I doubled the stitches on the needles. The second lace pattern is much larger, with more repeats.  I put in a new "lifeline."
I'm getting somewhat used to this horrid new Blogger. I'm using Firefox now to work in. It's worse than the first version of Blogger I used years ago; it keeps adding formatting and spacing I don't want. If I work in HTML, I can manage it for now, but I'm annoyed I have to.  I don't have time now to look into other blogging platforms, though, so I'm glad I figured it our somewhat.

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Anonymous said...

The pillow is gorgeous and it's wonderful that you were able to make something so lovely from that vintage embroidery.
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