Saturday, May 5, 2012

Out and About

I worked last Saturday, but on Sunday the weather cooperated and I took a nice walk. I chatted with my neighbor about her beautiful garden and wonderful bleeding heart plant. It's like this every year!
The bridal veil bushes are ending (and they usually don't flower until June!) but I really like them so I snapped this photo at a neighbor's home. Our first home had a long row of them along the west side of the house that we just loved. The only place we have to put them at our current house would be by the front door--and the bees like them a bit too much for that!
I love this columbine and was dismayed on a walk yesterday to discover it was gone completely and replaced with pansies! It had been there a couple of years so the owner must have been bored--but really, I can't imagine being bored with columbine! I'm glad I got this photo before it vanished.
Lilies of the valley bloom all around our house. These are in the back yard.
This plant came back from last year (I'd thought it was an annual but guess not). I think it's a campanula. In the week since I took this, it's really blossomed and is quite pretty. I'll try and get a photo tomorrow.
This is my herb pot. Our mild winter meant that the thyme and sage both survived. In the ground to the right is oregano. I think that will survive anything!
I would have sworn that I scattered the lettuce seeds evenly across the pot. It did rain heavily after I planted so that must have washed them all together because they're growing in clumps. It's hard to see but there's some volunteer dill, too. That's the garden tour.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Campanula spreads like wildfire here. It's growing thickly on our front wall and there's a lot In mums garden. It's a beautiful plant so I don't consider it a weed - and perhaps come to think of it, it doesn't grow wild. So wouldn't be a weed!