Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer = car shows!

Last weekend was way too hot, but we still had fun. Our friend Larry Claypool of the Vair Shop always puts on the best car shows and the best thing--in my opinion--is that there's always shade. No asphalt parking lots here, but nice shady yards and patios with breezes. And really cool cars.
He also has the best cars. For Saturday's celebration of the 40th anniversary of his business (restoring cars), he rolled out an A-Z of cars. Most of the alphabet was filled by manufacturer names, when that failed, model names. Each car is tagged with its letter and a description.
I love these cars, most are European and teeny-tiny compared to what I'm used to. And most are quite uncommon (some downright rare).
My favorite, Multipla.
I tried to capture our reflections in this customer car--there in the hubcap.
The first of many (I'm sure) car shows this summer.

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Delsie Maidens said...

These pictures of compact cars remind me of the TV hit series Mr. Bean, especially the light-blue-colored car. The light-blue colored car looks like the car of Mr. Bean, but in the series, it was painted applejack green and was with a matted black bonnet. I would love to see the Robin Reliant in these pictures, though. That would make things more interesting. heheh. These are pretty good pictures to remind you of the old times.