Saturday, December 29, 2012

A finish!

I began this in a class at the EGA Seminar in 2007 with Tanja Berlin. Once I got home it sat.

Then last year I won a set of Evertite Stretcher Bars from Needle 'n Thread. That revived my interest in the project because I thought the bars would be perfect to keep the fabric drum taut.  They were.

In late October I got the project out and framed it up (here) and began working on it again.  I finished it on Christmas Day.

Tanja's instructions are wonderful and made the project easy. I did some ripping of stitches that weren't placed nicely, but I was never foundering, unsure of what went where. 
Here are two photos of the newest pod.  This is the third and I think I have it pretty well down now (the first was pretty lumpy!). This one is about 1-1/2" across. I have one more cut out to make.


Lelia said...

Lovely!!! What a beautifully stitched project.

(cute pod, too)

Jane said...

Love the robin!

terryb said...

I took that class with you. Mine's still "set aside." You finished yours very nicely. I still have good intentions.

The pods are cute, but how big are they and how do you plan to use them?