Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  We had a nice long four-day weekend.  It felt relaxing and lazy but we were rather busy, too.  On Saturday we bought a new computer. Not news for most people, but for us it's a big deal. I think our current computer is about 8 years old. New spyware locked it up until Hubby could get in uninstalled (leaving it unprotected).  We also ordered broadband, to be set up next week. My goodness!
On Sunday I took a friend's daughter to visit Bead in Hand shop in Oak Park.  We chatted all the way there and back and had a lovely time--I have a new friend!  We're planning to take a beading class together this spring. She's just discovered beading and is very excited.  I also got to see two episodes of Dr. Who (Saturday night and Sunday night). It's been off the schedule for a while so this was fun.
On Monday we went to see The Hobbit (2-D).  A bit fast and loud for me, but I loved the visuals and the story.  I'm already waiting for next year's installment.

During the weekend, I decided to make reusable gift wrap. It began with thoughts of furoshiki and using fabric to wrap gifts and then continued with the crayon prints I've been making on fabric. We tend to give a lot of cds and dvds back and forth in my family (and books) so I made two sizes--dvd size and cd size.  This post shows Hubby's gifts all snug in their new felt wrappings.  I found little angel pins to close the ends. (His nickname is "Moose.")
On Christmas Day we stayed home, wrapped presents, opened some, watched "A Christmas Carol" (the really old one) and I stitched.  Above is another present for Hubby.  The cross-stitch pattern gift bag is from Target--I thought it was pretty cool. Even cooler is Hubby's gift to me---
All wrapped up in red tissue with pink chalk hearts (his father's chalk from childhood). Charming and perfect.  I think this paper will go into my scrap book.

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