Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday morning ramblings

As I grabbed my lunch to head to work on Valentine's Day, I spied this lovely bouquet in the refrigerator. Hubby presented it to me, along with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, that evening. I made him a little pouch with crocheted hearts.

Lately, I've been just chugging along with projects, trying to do a little each evening. I've washed and stretched the needle-painted robin. It's drying. It looks exactly the same as it did when I finished it. The London quilt and various other projects are creeping along. I've also been reading, sitting snuggled in my chair with a cup of tea (my idea of heaven).
This book was a Christmas gift from friends. It's really good, as are all of the books I've seen from this Royal School of Needlework series. Very interesting ideas. I love how things are layered for depth.
I realized a while ago that my subscription to Stitch magazine had run out. I resubscribed from where it ended and received a lovely package with the missing issues. I've always loved magazines and while I've cut back and no longer get as many as I used to, Stitch is one of my keepers.
I've been enjoying the inspirations in these issues. I love reading embroidery instructions, even if I never intend to make the project. I always learn something.

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