Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Family Fun

My niece and her husband came in for a visit last weekend and we went up to my sister's to join in the fun.  We had a chili feast. After my sister and niece tried a new cookie recipe. (Pretty yummy!)
Then we headed up to use the bedroom floor as a space to work on my niece's quilt.
She carefully laid out and smoothed the backing, then spread on the batting, and then laid the pieced quilt to on top of the sandwich.
Next came pin basting to hold it all together for quilting.
I learned a lot because I've never done this with a piece larger than about 18". The bedroom carpet was ideal for this.
This is one of my sister's quilts, hanging on her wall.It's really striking over their bed.
It was really nice to see everyone--our visit last month was cancelled because we were sick.  I brought some of my projects for show-n-tell and also to lay out on their big kitchen table.


Jenny Woolf said...

It's good to see some illustrations of the day you told me about. That quilt above Kim's bed is awesome. Reminds me of pop art.

Jenny Woolf said...

It was good to see pictures of the day you told me about. The quilt above Kim's bed is awesome - reminds me of pop art.