Sunday, April 14, 2013


What a difference a week makes! I took the photo below last Sunday...
and the one below here today.
Last week our colds were endlessly dragging on and we had endless days of chill rain.
Today the sun came out and it was warm (nearly 70) and lovely. There were birds chirping everywhere and kids out playing.
I can't claim these daffodils--they're a neighbors.
There's not much up for the birds and insects to feast on yet, but some of last year's leftovers are helping out. We encourage milkweed in our yard because butterflies like it.
More flowers in our neighbor's yard.
The evergreens by our front door get little balls this time of the year--I'm guessing their version of spring flowers.
And our peonies and coming up.  Rain and chill are supposed to return tomorrow (it snowed a bit yesterday, not enough to stick, but sufficient for us to say enough already!).  Hopefully our energy will begin to return soon, too.

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