Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girls' Day

Last Thursday my sister and I got together for an increasingly rare girls' day. We had a great time. We lunched at a lovely little restaurant, Chez Moi, and talked and talked and talked.  Perfect!  We also visited the garden of a friend and picked spinach. Back at her home we shared our current projects. 
She helped me pinbaste the London quilt. Now it's ready for embroidery and quilting.I'm working on design ideas.
I took photos of some dishes she wants to sell. (let me know if you're interested.)
On the way home, I stopped at Pieceful Heart Fabrics. Their website doesn't show it, but they're retiring/going out of business and having big sales. I'm very sad--they're my LQS (local quilt store) and it's a very friendly shop with wonderful fabrics. This is where I got the William Morris charm pack that got me started on the London quilt. I got a few things--some notions I'd put off getting previously, some sale fabrics, a bag of wool bits that I plan to felt.  And I said "goodbye."


Aurelia Eglantine said...

It's wonderful to see your London quilt finally coming together :) Those dishes are lovely too!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing whta you decided to do with the London quilt. Such a shame these little independent shops keep closing. Just pushes people to buy on the internet which in turn helps lead to more shops closing - a vicious circle. Internet may be quick and convenient but nothing beats having a great conversation with someone who really knows their stuff.