Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Walk

It's been over a week now since we took a second spring walk at Bailey Homestead at the Dunes. This time the flowers were out in force!
Tiny spring beauties were everywhere.  They're hard to photograph because they're so small and like to hide in shady areas. They're often white with pink stripes.
Narcissus were in bloom.  We consider them Mrs. Bailey's, like the hyacinths we saw last time.
Large areas are covered with their leaves. Blooms are rare now.
This hillside going down to the river is behind the Bailey home. It looks like the plants are all lilies or daffodils of some sort. There are a few blooms off to the right.
We saw more Jack-in-the-Pulpits than ever before.  They tend to have their backs to the path and be far away--making them hard to photograph. This one came out pretty clear.
Here's another. Every time we turned around we spotted more. The weather must have been ideal this year.
And here is a whole gathering of Jacks.  I've never seen large groups of them like this.
I found these "blooming" maples to be fascinating. They're also up near the Bailey home. The leaves are just unfurling.
The image seemed very Japanese to me.
A bit blurry, but the best I could get of a shy trillium in full bloom.

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