Friday, November 8, 2013

And another finish!

When I'm doing something for someone else, I tend to over think it. So this project, begun last May (here), was set aside while I thought and planned.  I finally decided that I needed to just begin and do it.  So I did last weekend.
I had gathered all of the materials together so I dug them all out from the piles--brown rice hulls from World Embroideries to add heft to the doll (they're used for the center of temari balls), some fiber fill, the half doll and a bunch of silk ribbons.
I had already stitched the skirt to the base and fitted it with a circle of foam core board for stability. So it was really mostly a matter of putting it all together.
After auditioning a bunch of ribbons, I finally decided to match the ribbon to the painted circle on the doll's chest, just below her hands.  I think it contrasts nicely with the eau de Nile color silk skirt.  I had one long piece of handpainted lightly variegated silk ribbon so I used that for the waist bow (used to disguise the stitching anchoring the skirt through the holes in the doll's torso) and the trim on the skirt (kind of a spaced-out coral-knot stitch).  

She's ready to head off back home now.

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Anne said...

Your lady is absolutely lovely!