Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Project

I've decided to blame it on my sister (not that she deserves it in any way, except by too much inspiration).  She makes these really cute baby quilts with squares in really sweet fabrics. I had offered to make a friend who is expecting twins (yikes!) a couple of flannel blankets.  I'd planned to get a square of nice flannel and edge it with crochet. But then I saw the luscious fabrics in the quilt shop (Bits and Pieces in Crown Point, Indiana), and remembered my sister's pretty quilts and...
 With the very patient help of the ladies at Bits and Pieces, I came home with fabrics (and backing and binding) to make two pieced baby quilts.  (big Yikes!)  The two colors on the bottom will be the backing for the quilts. The darker blue on top the binding for both.  And the pieces in between will be the 4" squares.
I plan to piece the two quilts with a different arrangement but both will be squares.  My sister has generously offered advice and some assistance.  The last time I made something pieced and this size was in about 1980!

So I'm a bit daunted but excited too. I love the colors.  I hope the babies will.  

They're coming in January (as is my knee replacement surgery) so I have a deadline.

I didn't get any farther than the fabric purchase so far. I didn't get any stitching at all done last weekend. I worked on Saturday and we spent most of Sunday without electricity (and some of it hunkered down in the basement as the storms passed by).  We were among the lucky. Other towns were flattened.


Jenny Woolf said...

These look so lovely!The babies will probably love to suck them! so many kids do. Quilts are a wonderful present for babies because they're so useful and kids seem to like to keep them long after they have grown out of them.

Anne said...

What bright and pretty choices of fabrics! I'm sure the quilts will turn out to be adorable. Hope to see them on your blog!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the end result - those colours are awesome!! :)

Southpaw Stitcher said...

I love your choice of fabrics. You will do just fine with the cutting, piecing and quilting. If I can do it, you certainly can!