Monday, March 3, 2014

Completion--and new UFOs

My turquoise Amethyst is done. Boy, was it fun!
If you look closely at my wip photo, you'll see I'd stitched an outer row of Smyrna Crosses in the wrong spot--in the end I needed to remove two complete rows. And I still had a blast stitching it. I'd forgotten how much fun Susan Johnson's designs are.

 I began another UFO I had from SJ Designs, Sweet Hearts. This one I'm selecting the fibers myself and I need to do some stash diving before I can get very far.

This weekend I had the sad task of helping the husband of my friend Renee go through her stash. Renee passed away just after the new year. I missed her service because of my surgery and her husband had saved me a program and obituary. Most of the items she had (kits, ufos and materials) went to our EGA chapter to use for fundraising and charity projects. I kept a couple of mementos and also took a few pieces to finish for her family.
Both are UFOs.
The other sock of this pair is done. I realized that this was a ufo because there's a dropped stitch and the sock needs to be unknitted for a few rows to correct it (it doesn't look like it could successfully be laddered up to the current row).  I can do that--I'm very experienced with unknitting!

Back to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love your SJ design...turned out beautiful! Can't wait to see it. We all miss Renee's smiling face and upbeat personality! Nice she will be donating her things to EGA group.