Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's Next

What's next is going back to work on Tuesday. I suspect that's going to take all of my energy for a while.  For now, however, I'm working on a stash project, an old Homewood Guild workshop (I suspect at least ten years old!). I had only stitched the center waffle stitch...the rest is coming along quickly yesterday and today.
It's a lovely design by Susan Johnson of SJ Designs called Amethyst.  I'm not doing this in the original purple color way but in an alternate she offered to our guild, Turquoise.  So far I've used up a spool of Kreinik gold braid!  The piece also uses floss, overdyed Rachel, and Kreinik flat braid. Lots of texture in the stitches, too.

I think the center square of this design would make a lovely Christmas ornament...I'll have to remember that. It worked up pretty quickly.

I found this and another SJ Designs kit (Sweet Hearts) and a couple of other projects when I was sorthing through things before surgery.  I set them aside to do while I was home, but then I got caught up in the crewel piece. It was nice to have something handy to turn to after that was done. 


Jenny Woolf said...

That's really pretty. It reminds me a little of one you gave me when you first came, although different colours. I have it on the wall!

lifemyway said...

That is a very lovely design. I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I wish you strength and luck in going back to work. When one is away for a while it is difficult to go back. Love the colours on your new piece. And oh that gold is always so nice. Sending hugs your way!

Von said...

Good for you going back to an old wip! Lately I've been going through mine to bring some of the old ones to the top of the pile. :) I like your color changes!