Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Flower Power Angel

When I first saw this angel, with her braids, I thought of me. I used a Needle Necessities overdyed floss with a bit more gray in it than I had back then. I dug in my stash for some beads and butterflies and some teeny-tiny buttons to sew on.
Recently, a friend posted a picture on Facebook of us in the 70s. I was wearing big heart shaped, hot pink sun glasses. (The first sunglasses I liked enough that I never lost them! I wore them for years.) So, I decided to give my angel hot pink, heart shaped sunglasses.
Inspired by Susan Elliot of the Plays with Needles blog, I made a plan. I found hot pink wire at Jo-Ann's and bent it into the right shapes (my first effort ended up being the final glasses I used). I tried gluing plastic wrap onto the formed test wires, and it stuck! So, then I found dark green nail polish and painted it onto the plastic wrap and glued that to my wire glasses and voila!  Heart shaped, hot pink sun glasses!  I poked them through the canvas and just bent the wires over. 

I'll make her into an ornament.


Southpaw Stitcher said...

I love your angel. She has such personality! Kudos to you for figuring out how to make her sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable and love the story behind her! The glasses are the cutest thing I have ever seen. All of your pieces are beautiful ALWAYS!