Friday, April 11, 2014

More Planning

I did it--I signed up for the EGA Challenge with a Twist. I've thought about it for years, each time a new one is announced, and decided to go for it. I think I have all of Judith Baker Montano's books, which means I like her style and techniques, and it will be amazing to have my work critiqued by her.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my photo choices in the previous post.  The feedback was fairly equal amongst the pictures, which made me feel like all my selections were possible. Thanks!
I had a thought that if I did one of the pieces from Avebury, with the stones, that I might want to use actual stones in the piece. Years ago I saw a quilt where stones had been wrapped in sheer chiffon and attached tot he quilt. I thought that might work. 

On our Dunes excursion Sunday, I looked for possible stones.  The ones below are my picks for the two pictures. Not quite the exact size and shape of the photos, but they capture the feeling of the ancient stones for me. 
They're just about the size of the stones in my printouts. Which is great if I decide to work that small. I'll need to look for some larger stones if I enlarge the pieces.

I still haven't decided on which image, so I'll thinking about all three still. While at the dunes I studied the colors of the water and sky and also looked closely at the dunes grasses.

I'm planning another embroidery now, too. My EGA chapter is doing some programs on Crazy Quilting and I decided to play along.  One of my favorite online shops, Evening Star Designs, is going out of business. (sadness)  I took advantage of a sale to get a creative pack with the silkie above. I love all of the detail and how the embroidered flowers and birds come to life and fly from the hoop. I didn't notice the dragon or his hoard until later.
Between that pack and a creative pack sent me at the holidays by a good friend, Jenny, I have a good start. Most of the fibers, beads, and trims above came in the Evening Star Designs kit.
These fabrics are about 50/50 Evening Star Designs and the pack from Christmas--from the Old Chapel Textile Center and National Needlework Archive in Berkshire, UK. I had some red velvet on hand to add. Just at the thinking and gathering stages right now.  It may never get much further, but I'm having fun.

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Aurelia Eglantine said...

Congratulations on taking the Challenge! Can't wait to see how your piece develops. I *love* the print you bought, I had no idea that her artwork was available that way! I don't know if you know this, but that is the cover art from The Tower At Stony Wood, a book by Patricia McKillip. She's one of my very favourite writers, and Kinuko Craft does most of her covers :) Well worth reading if you get a chance, and the covers look much better in person than online - they wrap around the spine and back too, so the whole panel is used. It's a lovely design, and it will look wonderful stitched ;)