Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Other Stitching

I've been doing a lot of random stitching while I'm recuperating.  I've been working on my Hardanger tablecloth, the Needle Artisan's EGA chapter summer challenge, a pair of pillowcases are nearly done, a purse with a needlepoint insert that was begun by a friend who passed away earlier this year. She'd begun it for her sister and I'm finishing it. 

At the International Quilt Festival this spring, I splurged on some Just Another Button Company kits, that I thought would be simple and fun recuperation projects. They were.

The kits were very complete and had great ideas. I had drawn the patterns and ironed them onto the felt before surgery, so all that was left was handwork. 
The acorns should, I think, be in a basket, but I didn't have one. They kept wandering around and hiding, so I stitched them together until I get something to contain them.

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