Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Working on UFOs

This has been a challenging summer, in more ways than my knee. I completed the Homewood Guild Challenge and the EGA Stitch like a Painter challenge and I'm still working on my local EGA chapter's summer challenge. I don't think this one will be done by the deadline, but I also don't expect to make the meeting (it is right when I start back to work). Now that the first two are done, I've been rotating some random UFOs to WIP status.
World Embroideries and I visited a local yarn shop during my recuperation from Knee #1 and I purchased yarn for this project. It took me a while to get the pattern sorted. You can see quite a lot of variation in the hexagons, but I think these all should work.  I plan to assemble the hexagons to fit a small clasp purse frame.
I've rounded the final corner on the Hardanger tablecloth.  I completed all of the faggot stitches on the final 1/8th of the cloth and have the ships (or half flowers) well underway. 
I completed all of the embroidery on this set of pillowcases.  I bought them with the embroidery partially completed at an antique shop years ago. They are old fashioned 100% cotton cases, woven in a tube shape so no side seams. 

No threads came with them so I dug through my stash for coordinating colors.  I also stitched the end seams (hand stitch French seams) while at Outlander (Starz TV) viewing parties. Now I'm looking for crochet cotton in a color I like to do the edging.
I've done a lot of knitting on the red faggot stitch scarf. You can see the skein of wool is dwindling. It's now over 36". I've been working on this one too long and I want it done so I can wear it this winter.
The last in the rotation is a purse my friend Renee began for her sister.  I took it after Renee's passing to complete.  It's basic basketweave stitch.   Since it's painted canvas, it's hard to see. Most of the motifs are completed and about half the brown background. I have white to complete the background to the edges of the leather.

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