Monday, October 27, 2014

Beautiful Fall Weather

We've been having a delightful fall with lovely weather and some nice unseasonably warm days.
One day we drove to the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City.  It was a weekday right before I came back to work, so the zoo wasn't crowded.  The Budgies were very hungry and we were delightfully swarmed.
We could have stayed there all day, but did walk around the lower levels of the rest of the zoo. I didn't make the climb up to our favorite bench, overlooking the lake. Next time (I'm walking better now.)
The budgies are eating seeds on Popsicle sticks that you can buy at the gift shop. The seeds are really stuck on there and they have to work to get them.  Steve finally put the sticks on the ground and let them have at it.
This past weekend was just glorious. In between laundry and errands, we went out to the Hesston Steam Museum to ride the Hesston Ghost Train (just east of Michigan City).  It is totally hokey and I just love it.  Definitely kid friendly and the grounds were full of cute kids in costume (and parents and grandparents taking photos).  The train in the background of the photo above, just leaving the station, is the same one we rode on.  They had many trains out and running to accommodate the crowds.  The grounds were deep in fallen leaves so there was a lot of leaf play by the little ones. It's become one of my seasonal "musts."  

I think I will "need" to ride on the Candy Cane Express this year.

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