Friday, November 28, 2014

Fun, Quick Project

 Last week in Jo-Ann's I found some cute ornament kits on sale.
 The "fabric" is wood, with holes punched in it for stitching.  A little more complex than the stitching cards for children, but the same theory. And just as much fun.
I got two and completed them pretty quickly.  I mostly followed the directions for the Santa but not so much for the Tree.  I had plenty of thread.   I glued felt on the back and added ribbons to hang.

One tip: the wood is "burned" for the design. To stitch the white and yellow threads, I first cleaned the holes by pulling a needle with a thickish thread through each one.  On my first stitching attempt I didn't do that and ended up with progressively darker thread.  Otherwise they were fun and easy to stitch.

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