Sunday, November 30, 2014

Play Date

Last week my sister and I had a play date. 

It included some shopping, lunch out, and a craft project.  We'd been admiring some quilts made with confetti-like bits of fabric and I thought I knew how it was done, so we tried it out. 

I had learned the technique or layering fabrics, trims and embellishments with fusible web as a collage technique so we tried both.  The explosion of fabric scraps to play with is above.
 Here's the start of our collages.
My sister is much more organized than I am. My chaos is above.
Here's her finished collage. She's about to press on the top sheer layer to hold it all together.
She also spent some time working on tracing a pattern for nonpaper piecing. It's an interesting technique and I can't way to see the finished project.
Here's my attempt at the little snippets of fabric technique.  It was kind of addictive.
 And here's our final outcome for the day.  I have plans for my pieces.  Stay tuned.

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