Saturday, January 24, 2015

New challenges

Today I figured out both hoe to post on the iPad and how to post photos I've taken with the iPad. Steep learning curve--Google it after a few hours of trying to figure it out on my own.  

I'm taking a new class. No, I haven't finished my previous one (Catherine Jordan).  The timing was right for this one so I went for it.  Kathy Shaw's Basic Crazy Quilt Class.  It's done on a blog, we have to post the assignments. Hence the learning curve today.  

This is task four, my pieced block, mounted in the hoop ready for embroidery.  The class is very structured, which is, I think, exactly what I need.  My crazy quilting has tended to be more "kitchen sink" than thoughtful.  

I didn't want to work in it until my late Christmas gifts were done. I'm done stitching and on to finishing, so I took a break this morning to piece the block. 

No, the pastels at not me...they were required for the course.  Like I said, very disciplined.  I've already learned a lot.

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