Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crazy Quilting and Bronchitis

That's pretty much been my last few weeks. A bad cold, followed by bronchitis that is being persistent. When I had energy, occasionally on a weekend, I worked on the crazy quilt block for the class with Kathy Shaw.  I finished it last weekend and I'm pleased.

I like the end product and I also like how I can articulate how and why I did things and the choices I made. Much of the block is based on the class framework and requirements, but I believe I made good choices based on that for the discretionary additions.  The class was beginning crazy quilting with Kathy Shaw.  I'd recommend it to anyone interested in crazy quilting.
This is the completed block, cropped to the seam edges around the outside, so we can see the finished effect.  The pale fabric colors (the pale part, not the exact colors or fabrics), embroidery stitches (but not colors), four types of ribbon roses, and seam treatments were part of the class.  The sizes, colors, and shapes of ribbons, beads, charms and other additions (buttons) were all up to me. I decided to go with the overall rose theme and I added a large focal point satin rose in the button cascade to be the focal point of the block. 

My goal was for this to be a stash project. I ended up buying a few things (tiny sequins, the dragonfly charm, rose buttons, and pale pink double-sided satin ribbon).  I had had some older fabrics cut from some worn garments and a square bit of tatting that I really wanted to use. I combined that with some mottled painted fabric (the drip catcher from some long-ago lace dyeing) and some solid green fabric from my stash.  The pale colors were so the instructor could see the stitch template markings.

That was a HUGE bonus with this class--stitch templates. It seems obvious but using templates to mark the stitch placement made a wonderful difference in regularity stitch placement.  I have friends who are wary of venturing from counted work to more free-form embroidery. Templates would be perfect for them.  The class materials included a couple of pages of templates and instructions.

The center of the flower is a rose-shaped button. I used more of those buttons in the lower left corner.  I've known for years about many of the design "rules" discussed in class, but never applied them thoughtfully and consistently like I did here.  I think it really helped with balance and flow.
This is a close up of the lower left corner. I used more of the flower buttons with some beads I had.  I added pearls to the feather stitches and size 14 beads with 3mm sequins. I used mostly size 14/15 beads throughout, with just a few 11s for emphasis (and because that's what I had in the color I needed.)
This is the lower right corner. I added a silver charm and a tiny glass butterfly. I kept the butterfly close to the seam so it felt like part of the plan and not something randomly plunked down.  If I'd moved it further down in the corner, it would have looked lost.  More beads here, some with sequins. 

I also added a line of backstitched sequins at the base of the irises. It's subtle but the glint catches the eye and draws it to the colors of the irises without being obvious about it. 
This is the upper left corner. More beads, sequins and pearls.  Much of the stitching was dictated by the class lessons.  In most cases I matched the thread color to the fabric, mostly pale blue or green, so I didn't keep changing thread colors to match the beads.  I love the colors of the hand-dyed silk ribbons I had on hand to use for the ribbon embroidery. 
Here's the upper right corner. I didn't add much to the set embroidery from the class---just the row of pearls.  It seemed done as it was. This is also a good closeup of the central cascade.  The beads are antiques from my stash.
This is the whole central cascade. I kept the colors pale since the scale was larger and it's more textured than the rest of the block. It starts with the tatted block and flows into buttons with the pink rose anchoring it in place.  More than half of those central two blocks is empty space to balance the cascade.  I also sparsely beaded the seams in this area. 

The buttons are all stitched with the same pale green perle cotton thread, again to keep the impact of the cascade low. The darker spots are some tiny seashells. They picked up some of the redder colors in the block but are tiny enough so they don't unbalance anything.

I'd planned to add beads here, too, but it seemed to be complete without them. 

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